Casino Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts at the Gaming Table

Casino etiquette is an integral component of casino life, from dressing appropriately to refraining from disruptive behaviors.

At times, certain etiquette rules can be unwritten; while other times more formal guidelines exist to handle cards, cash, and chips.

When entering an already crowded table, it is polite to request permission before taking a seat.

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While your significant other may find your slurring, table slapping, and foul-mouthed behavior charming, casino floors do not. One spilled drink could stop the game immediately; otherwise your behavior may even be considered inappropriate and you could be asked to leave immediately.

Keep your hands to yourself. It is not appropriate to touch opponents’ chips during play and always ensure your cards can be seen by both the dealer and security cameras.

Never place your purse, wallet or other personal belongings on game tables as this blocks the view and can serve as a source of cheating or other forms of bad behavior.

Wait for a natural pause in the game before purchasing chips; doing so while games are underway is against policy, and overhead security cameras must be able to view any transactions as part of protecting casino’s integrity and players.


Casinos tend to be very understanding and welcoming of novice gamblers, yet certain levels of etiquette must still be observed at casino gaming tables so as not to interfere with overall quality or cause other players offense.

Before entering a gaming table, it is crucial that you understand which games you will be playing. A little research can go a long way in making sure you don’t disrupt or give off an undesirable impression to dealers or fellow players.

Keep your mobile phone out of sight; while chatting on the phone may seem like an engaging conversation topic, it should not take place at the gaming table and will only distract from enjoying your gaming experience fully. Dealers won’t appreciate this behavior and might ask you to leave. Additionally, avoid string betting which not only violates etiquette but can lead to conflict and accusations of cheating.


How you behave at a casino will have an enormous effect on everyone else present; therefore, possessing some knowledge can save premature grey hairs and long-term impressions that leave less-than-ideal impressions of you and other attendees.

No matter whether you are playing blackjack, poker or slot machines in a casino there are certain things you shouldn’t do. Touching cards with both hands or bending them at any point could cause friction among other gamblers and lead them down an unpleasant path of negativity. By not adhering to this unwritten rule you could alienate fellow gamblers in an unfair fight for position in the gaming hall.

As part of your casino table gaming experience, it’s essential to understand the various hand signals used during casino table games so you can communicate with dealers efficiently. Not only will this enhance your gaming experience but it will also contribute to keeping the atmosphere professional. When exchanging cash for chips, always do it directly on the table – this ensures integrity of security measures within a casino.


As you sit at a casino table, it is imperative that you abide by its rules. While they can sometimes seem opaque or complex, their purpose is ultimately designed to give you the best experience at this establishment.

If your phone is out on the floor, it is advisable to keep it tucked away or at least on silent. Most casinos have rules about taking pictures on the floor; if you try taking too many, security may ask you to put away your phone immediately.

Listening to your dealer is also key; their job is to keep the game flowing and entertaining so being respectful by listening is polite. Tipping can also make an impressionful statement about appreciation – making the dealer and casino employees happy! Although not mandatory, a generous tipper can make their experience all the better and make everyone involved feel appreciated – while being cheap won’t endear themselves to those they work with mBitCasino offers numerous games including roulette.

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