What is Qwirkle Rummy?

If you’ve played rummy before, you’ve likely seen a game similar to Qwirkle rummy. In a nutshell, the idea of the game is to create a series of lines of each color or shape. If you achieve this, you score points for each line. A completed line is called a “qwirkle” and is worth six points. A player can also add an additional star to their line.

In Qwirkle Rummy, players form sets of cards by matching colors and shapes. As players play, they can switch or add to any set to complete the set. Ultimately, players score if all the sets are the same shape or color. This fun family game requires strategy and luck to master. And it’s fun to play with everyone! You can try your hand at winning the game today! Try it for free.

In this version of rummy, players compete to make the most “qwirkles” (sets of six cards of the same color or shape). The player with the most qwirkles wins. The oldest player in the tie does not have to play the largest set, and play continues clockwise. The oldest player in a tie does not need to play the largest set, and each player must draw another card back to his or her hand.